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FC Barcelona Second on Forbes Most Valuable Club List

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Even though FC Barcelona’s results on the field last season were not as great as previous years, the club is still pretty valuable off the pitch.

Forbes, the biggest financial magazine on the planet, has released the 2014 list of the 50 most valuable sports teams in the world. Barça comes second on that list, trailing only arch-rival Real Madrid.

The ranking is based on team’s overall revenue, including local and international TV deals, merchandising, social media appeal, among others.

FC Barcelona has a social media reach of over 130 millions fans and is the leading sports club in the world in this space.

Although the Top-10 has four European football teams, the rest of the list is dominated by north-american teams from the NFL, the NBA and MLB. Still, the most valuable US sports team, the New York Yankees, can’t even get close to Barça or Madrid, showing that the world still loves football the most.

Here’s the ranking of the 10 most valuable sports teams in the world:

  1. Real Madrid – US$ 3.44 billion
  2. FC Barcelona – US$ 3.2 billion
  3. Manchester United –  US$ 2.81 billion
  4. New York Yankees (MLB) – US$ 2.5 billion
  5. Dallas Cowboys (NFL) – US$ 2.3 billion
  6. Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB) – US$ 2 billion
  7. Bayern Munich – US$ 1.85 billion
  8. New England Patriots (NFL) – US$ 1.8 billion
  9. Washington (NFL) – US$ 1.7 billion
  10. New York Giants (NFL) – US$ 1.55 billion

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