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FIA named Finalist for Victorian Export Awards to Asia

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FIA Sports Management was named as a finalist for two awards at the ceremony for the 2013 Governor of Victoria Export Awards (GOVEA) held at Government House earlier this week.

FIA Sports Management was nominated for the Small Business Award and the Victorian Export Award for Innovation Excellence.

The Small Business Award nominates businesses for outstanding international success in the business and professional business services sectors while the Victorian Export Award for Innovation Excellence recognises the most innovative exporters for the state of Victoria.

The GOVEA program is run in conjunction with Austrade and is one of the most prestigious business awards in Australia, rewarding the country’s most successful and innovative exporters with the stamp of international success.

Jon-Michail, CEO of FIA Sports Management said, “The future is exciting for all our team as FIA Sports Management heralds a new era in the Asian Century. I thank all our people for their hard work and diligence, especially Manuel Seisdedos, our Football Operations Director who has played a big part in this success”.

FIA Sports Management offers a comprehensive range of global services, personalised to the wishes, requirements and potential of the individual client via a holistic approach. Their approach enables talent to devote the necessary concentration to their profession to achieve personal success, as they design strategic solutions that encompass every aspect of an athlete’s or coach’s life throughout their professional career to retirement and beyond.

“Being based in Australia did not make things easier as Australia is a nation that’s regarded as an ‘outpost’ of the World Game, dominated by powerhouses in Europe, and more recently in Asia. FIA Sports Management’s focus is on the longer term, which encompasses the immediate future but also starts designing and laying plans for the talents’ career path. The strategy in the future includes creating football opportunities such as coaching, media, business and other possibilities that are explored as per the talent’s needs and objectives” said Mr. Michail.

FIA Sports Management was recognised for their hard work and diligence in building relationships in Europe, UK and Asia over the past 5 years. Mr. Michail added “It’s nice to see us starting to reap the rewards through the exporting of our services; we are very honoured to be nominated for the GOVEA’s and stand alongside some of the country’s business elites”.


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