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Football is nothing without the fans

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As a football fan who is obsessed with this sport, I know how amazing football fans can be.

I’ve been to countless matches and the atmosphere in places such as the Northern and Southern Terrace is unbelievable. The chants that come out of these areas sound amazing and give the game so much more life!

This is at all the grounds at the A-League and all over the world.

From the Premier League to the A-League, atmosphere relies on one thing. Fans. Fans make football – without fans there is no football.

The recent attention being drawn to us fans by journalists Rebecca Wilson and Alan Jones is a extremely horrible representation of us. I’m not going to get into to much detail regarding what they said, but their main point was that over 10 years there has been 198 bans in the A-League.

This does not seem to be such a high number, when the time period is taken into account.

An appeal system is definitely in order. The fans are pushing for this. Despite being told there is an appeals system, there is apparently nothing of the sort.

The Northern Terrace made an extremely strong point on the weekend as well as the Melbourne City fans. They both put up banners saying various things about the current situation. City’s banner was even ripped up by security guards at one point.

The fans left the match at around the 30th minute, leaving the northern terrace completely empty. The Southern Terrace and even the travelling Adelaide fans blasted out the anti-Wilson and Jones chants.

Australian football is becoming more and more popular – and this is due to the fans.

© 2015 The Roar | This article first appeared on The Roar written by Riley Cubitt on 3 December 2015.

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