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Isaias A-League’s Pass Master

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Adelaide United’s Spanish ace Isaias Sanchez lead the way in the Hyundai A-League with an impressive 1686 completed passes for the 2014-15 season.

Isaias completed 100 more masses than any other player in the competition and was also one of the most accurate with 80.3% passing accuracy.

He’s the Hyundai A-League’s professor of the pass. While Isaias might not get the same attention as team-mates Sergio Cirio and Marcelo Carrusca, make no mistake he is the heart-beat of the Adelaide United side.

Arguably the most-important piece of coach Josep Gombau’s Spanish revolution in the City of Churches, the 28-year-old has set the standard for midfield players since arriving in the competition last season.

It’s no surprise with his technique and style that Isaias was a graduate from the famed FC Barcelona Youth Academy. Always wanting to be on the ball, Isaias doesn’t often give away possession cheaply, whether it’s playing a raking cross-field pass or shorter ones in intricate areas, all traits honed playing with Espanyol in La Liga.

A fierce competitor, Isaias has a trait that all good footballers have in their armoury, able to read the play and put opponents on the backfoot by stealing possession and then helping to launch attacks with a killer-pass or retain possession while the Reds readjust their system.

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